How To Choose The Best Laptop To Fit Your Needs: Part 2 RAM



There is nothing that causes more dread when making a new laptop purchase than the fear of making the wrong choice. With laptops often costing upwards of $1000, it is easy to experience hesitation when buying. This post will hopefully alleviate some of the stress by providing you with some useful information to look out for when making your next big laptop purchase. Since there is too much information to go in depth on in one blog post. Today I will be focusing on RAM.


RAM is what I would consider to be the next most important component to look for when buying a new laptop. RAM, or random-access-memory, is essentially your computer's short term memory. It stores the information that your computer is actively using so that it can be accessed quickly and efficiently. 

RAM is measured in Giga-bytes, though it was not long ago we measured it in Mega-bytes, or 1/1024th of a Giga-byte. While it varies among laptops, 8GB seems to be the industry standard for a lower end laptop. This is plenty if you are using your laptop casually and in some cases for basic gaming. However, if you are using your laptop for more arduous tasks, it is essential to buy a laptop with an adequate amount of RAM.

So, how do you decide just how much RAM you need?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. The more complicated an app or program seems, the more RAM you will need. This is definitely not always true, but it is a solid starting point. Now, let's delve into some examples. 


1. I am looking to buy a laptop that I will use to run a blog in addition to everyday use. Therefore, I will only look for laptops that have 8 GB of RAM. This will allow me to conserve my budget for components which may be more vital for running my blog.

2. I am looking for a laptop that will allow me to play mid-range video games. While I could probably get away with 8 GB of RAM, this will likely cause performance issues and cause the game to lag. So, I will be looking for a laptop that has at least 16 GB of RAM. 

3. I am in school to become a Dentist. I don't plan on playing any games, but the software I will be using is incredibly taxing on a laptop. Well, in this case I will be looking for a high-end laptop with at least 32 GB of RAM.

While there are a plethora of reasons you could be buying a new laptop that I didn't include. These examples should allow you to narrow down your search criteria.


I hope that this blog post can help you make the best decision when it comes time to buy. RAM is important, so I don't want you to end up making a mistake and spending a large chunk of money on a laptop that doesn't work for you. Hopefully, I can even help you save some money!

If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to me via email at

Check out Part: 1 if you want tips on picking the perfect CPU! 








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